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Business History

Today, I want to pay homage to the history and service of our business. As I’ve stated before, and which you probably already know, “Astrid Furniture” started its humble beginnings in 1980. To some of us, that may be a lifetime ago and others, it seems like only yesterday. Many years have passed and there have been a great deal of changes in our business and also the industry. I can think of numerous small to medium sized businesses, which have come and gone over the years with their inexpensive, low cost, second hand quality furniture. Don’t get me wrong, we all have a budget and a price point we like or must work to. But as we all know, from years of experience and proof of todays society, cheap is not always best!! In fact over the years, I have seen, what is/was or informed as being “good” quality, has not been the case. I have seen numerous lounge suites where the inside of a name brand lounge suite that’s being repaired or reupholstered, has been poorly constructed or contained inferior components. Right from the start, it’s been our focus to provide superior quality lounge furniture to the general public and commercial clients alike. We have seen an array of fabrics come and go with leather being the presiding of all. Leather is a topic for another day but it still remains the premium fabric when it comes to strength and quality (talking about genuine leather of course).    

Anyway.. In the cut-out below from the local news paper in 1985, you’ll see the founder, Kerry Nicholls and Steve Longman in front of a chair frame, one of our first designs. This photograph was taken in the early days when “Astrid Furniture Productions” was situated in Drummond Street South Windsor.


Advertising in those days was all black and white and was constructed by simplistic content and minimal graphics, especially to what we are used to today. All our advertising was done by local newspaper, namely the Hawkesbury Gazette.


Thirty odd years later and our quality and graphics have changed and hopefully improved immensely. Clearly there’s been a lot of improvement with technology where images, colour, graphics and texture have been implemented to enhance the appeal of the advertisement. We have always endeavoured to maintain our quality, professionalism, attention to detail, and emphasis on outstanding service. We believe these being the key ingredients to surviving many years of service to our customers. And today, the advertisement below, is run on a regular basis in a high gloss magazine.


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