Reupholstery Corner Chaise 23 March 2016

Reupholstery Corner Chaise 23 March 2016

Here's a ‪#‎reupholstery‬ job we delivered the other day. As you can see, in the middle (below), consisted of a sofabed. The finished product now with 2x3 seaters and a corner chaise. The centre 3 seater was altered from a sofa bed into the standard 3 seater, whilst covering the complete suite in this striking ‪#‎warwickfabric‬ Dolce' Shale.

I've added some before and after shots here to show the full suite and sofa bed portion as it was. As you can see, very minimal amount of frame work in the sofa bed. With extra timber work added and now constructed into a solid 3 seater. We've added extra life and changed this configuration to suit the customers new life style and decor.

Chaise Reuplhostery Before

Before Chaise Reuplhostery During2  After Chaise Reuplhostery During1       

Well the final product is a new and rejuvenated fully reupholstered 3 piece suite that was considered ripe for the tip. But with a little bit of TLC and restoration, this old thing has been given a new lease of life for many years to come.

Chaise Reuplhostery After3           Chaise Reuplhostery After2

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